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"[edit] Live action film
Akira is expected to be developed into two live action films with the first scheduled for a summer 2009 release.[4][5][6] Warner Bros. and Appian Way will adapt the two movies from the manga. The first film is expected to be an adaptation of the first three volumes. The second film may cover the last three volumes. Ruairi Robinson is directing in his feature film debut. He was nominated for a short film Oscar in 2002 for Fifty Percent Grey. Gary Whitta is writing the script. Andrew Lazar, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Davisson will produce the film. The film is set in New Manhattan, a city rebuilt by Japanese money after being destroyed 31 years ago. No announcement has been made regarding the cast, although it is reported that DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing the lead roles of Kaneda and Tetsuo, respectively.[7]"

So is anyone raging yet?