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Zakzak continues reporting on the killer’s interests with games and CDs that the killer had given to a friend, including doujin games such as Eternal Fighter Zero and Chantelise, and the killer reportedly loves a certain Tohou “Moe anime girl danmaku shooter” for the PC.

Yahoo reports that Masuda Hiroya, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, has responded that they will try to see if they can regulate dangerous information on the internet in response to the fact that the Akiba killer had posted on a cellphone bbs (not 2ch) about his plans to kill people in Akiba hours before the incident but the authorities did not manage to detect it.

Also, Asahi reports that the police have announced that all the bystanders that tried to save the people that got stabbed should go for a blood test, because one of the males that died had an unnamed disease that can possibly spread by direct contact with his blood.