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Hey /a/, I wrote an essay for my REL class. Wanna read it? Critique it? Discuss the subject matter? Here's one paragraph, sage hard if you want the entire thing.

>Christian Fundamentalists interpret the Bible far too literally most of the time, the rest of the time calling upon some other part of the sacred text to validate an unrelated section. When science contradicts their “Good Book” at the most basic, literal, level the intellectually-poor souls take immediate offense (in more ways than one). They go on the attack, throwing literally-interpreted scriptural evidence left, right, and to the curb but often only citing one source: their Bible. They throw themselves into a loop that they're all too proud to defend with equally-loopy (circular?) logic. Why? Why do these people insist on such a ignorant interpretation of their own sacred text? Of their most treasured resource? Personally, I believe Christian Fundamentalists cling to their Bibles for moral and political stability in what they perceive to be “troubled times”, and that's respectable but highly pitiable. It's an admission of helplessness, that humanity itself is inherently evil and only God knows what's right and wrong, just and corrupt. That's another essay, though.