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Akagi entered the house. It was so big, and there was a really loud fan in the main room. He looked around because there was no one there. “hello?” he shouted as he wandered further into the house. Suddenly he ran into Kaiji! Kaiji was in the kitchen, completely naked except for a cupcake impaled onto his erect penis. “Oh hey Akagi I’m so horny right now…” he licked his lips and stared at the white haired boy. Suddenly Akagi took his penis out of his pants and rubbed it against Kaiji’s. “mmm your penis feels so good with the cupcake and frosting” he whispered into Kaiji’s ear. Kaiji took the cupcake off and stuffed it into Akagi’s mouth.

They ate it together, smearing frosting all over their faces. Now both of their penises were hard. Akagi went onto his knees and took Kaiji’s frosting-covered member into his mouth. “mmm pee in my mouth Kaiji!!” Akagi cried, the frosting and cupcake remnants on Akagi’s dick filling his mouth with deliciousness. “sure thing Akagi!” Kaiji let out a long stream of warm piss into Akagi’s gaping mouth. “mmm your pee is so good kaiji-san I could drink it all day!!” he went back to sucking him off, piss and frosting oozing out of his mouth.