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Hey /a/, This is a list of all the anime I have downloaded right now, and haven't watched. Disregard the random markings, they are for my own bookkeeping.

Which one should I watch next?

Pic to get your attention.

Have Ready to Watch:
-Azumanga Daioh [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Chobits [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Chrono Crusade [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Cowboy Bebop [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Cromartie High School [B-A] [X] [Archived]
-Excel Saga [B-A] [X] [Archived]
-Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu? [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Genshiken 2 [DB] [X] [Archived]
-Genshiken OVA's [GG] [X] [Archived]
-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex[KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Ghost in the Shell: Second Gig [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Great Teacher Onizuka [B-A] [X] [Archived]
-Gungrave [KAA] [X]
-Hellsing Ultimate* [AonE] [X]
-Love Hina [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Lucky Star [A.F.K] [X] [Archived]
-Mai Otome Zwei [SS] [X] [Archived]
-Mai Otome Zero [SS] [X] [Archived]
-Noir [KAA] [X]
-Rozen Maiden: Traumend [Ayu] [X] [Archived]
-Rozen Maiden: Overture [Ayu] [X] [Archived]
-Samurai 7 [KAA] [X] [Archived]
-Tales of Symphonia [Formula][X] [Archived]
-Twin Spica [A-F] [X] [Archived]