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Kagura turned back around, the flourescent light adding a sickly yellow pall to her tanned complexion and casting an equally sickly shadow onto the gritty concrete walls of the basement. A slyly wicked grin cracked over her face as she hefted the battered old chainsaw and walked towards the hamstrung dog, Mister Tadakichi. The snow white beast tried to escape weakly, wide eyed and frantic in knowing that it's doom approached but to no avail. He stood between her and Sakaki, and had to be dealt with accordingly.

Kagura descended viciously upon the filthy beast, screaming blade in hand. The saw entered with a spray of black-cromson gore, penetrating Mister Tadakichi’s shoulder blade before zagging downwards, through the ribcage and internal organs. The animal's death throes were drowned out not by the high pitched sound of the saw slowing momentarily as it cut the bone, but by Kagura’s gleeful laughter, blood flecking over her face and tracksuit, her wide eyes a portrait of ecstatic retribution. The animal was dead but she kept going, a woman possessed with rage. His body rippled outward from the bloody gorge created in time to the instrument cutting through bone, cartilage and stronger muscular tissues as months of painful rejection by Sakaki overflowed, manifesting in this brutal act.

Time stopped counting, but eventually Kagura stopped and turned off the saw, letting it drop to the floor with a heavy clatter. Blood flowed freely out of the beast's mouth and pooled underfoot, eyes frozen forevermore in agony. The floor and dingy walls were splashed lavishly where the gout had sprayed off the chain, the flouro giving it a dark, brackish colour.

It covered everything. Especially Kagura.