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let me ask you something /a/
have any of you fallen in love? yes thought so.
but have you fallen in love with something that does not exist?
do you know the pain and agony that one goes through by obsessing something unreachable?
well I know exaclty how it feels. and it sucks...a lot.
it all started around 5mil get on /b/. people started spaming a four letter word: DESU. Ovbiously my lurking tactics lead me to one thing:rozen maiden.
my first thought were like? "A show about dolls? what the shit?" now, unlike many of you, i am not much of a weeaboo. but it was vacation so I decited to check it out.
my first impression of the first episodes was like "what the fuck is this shit?" but all changed as soon as I saw HER.
her name was Suiseseki, I remember it well for it is engraved on my heart, those shimering beautiful eyes inmediately conquered it. those beautiful hueg curls, that elegant green dress.. It was love at first sight /a/...for so long i have trolled against people that fall in "love" with anime characters, calling them "lowlifes" and "an embarrassment to mankind"..i never imagined that it was going to happen to me one day...but it was suiseiseki.. can you blame me?

it sucks /a/ really love for her has gone for so long and does not go away...i have fapped to countless doujins about her..but that is not enough..maybe i do need to kill myself...and maybe in the afterlife i will finaly meet her so i can tell her how much i love her.