Looking for a picture

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Sup /a/.

Long story short: /r/ is useless, /d/ and /h/ are pretentious pricks. My thread count on this topic

I'm looking for a picture of Blue Mary from King of Fighters that I lost over 2 years ago.

She's posing with her hands behind her head. She's sweating, and there's lots of cum between her pointy breasts. I seem to remember there being armpit hair. She's wearing her red sweatshirt, and blue shorts (or blue jeans that have been ripped or folded up). There's a big golden buckle in her belt. She is pissing.

If you have this picture, please post it here. I need to fap to it so badly. I get hard just thinking about that picture. I might print it and legally marry it.

Also, if the picture doesn't fit the description almost perfectly, it's probably not that picture I'm looking for. There are tons and tons of pictures with Blue Mary posing with her hands behind her back.

I have nowhere else to turn. I know that most of you aren't pretentious pricks, so I'm hoping one of you will help me if you have the picture.

Picture is of her.