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Straight from the Shitsen homepage:

Macross FRONTIER 07 posted by Merines on Sun Jun 8 06:02:09 2008

Here we present to you the seventh episode of Macross F. Honestly, this episode was murder on us for the simple fact that there were no more than six songs which required either major tweaking or a total re-time/re-karaoke'ing. And then we had the official lyrics come out, so more changes had to be done. I'll just say that we're glad to have this episode completed. Hope you enjoy it.


Hahaha, oh wow. They actually made karaoke to 6 songs? Seriously? I'm not amazed by how good work that is, I'm amazed at how far they will go to completely ruin the artwork of the shows they sub by cluttering it up with useless flashy shit that nobody gives a crap about.

I hope none of you follow any of their shows, because I certainly don't.

Picture semi-related because it looks like shit.