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Dear /a/. It has come to my attention that a large number of you act like a bunch of retarded faggots in real life. In this post I will explain how you are supposed to act.
First and most importantly you are supposed to suppress your power level. You are to not have anything anime related show in public. You are to not openly mention anime in public. If someone asks you about anime keep your fucking mouth shut. There are very few cases where you should actually talk about it. Since most of you are failures I would suggest you just keep your mouth shut.
Secondly, you are to act normally. If you are in college feel free to ask your class mates "How did you do on your test" or some crap like that. This makes you appear social enough.
Thirdly, you are to know no limits to insults and negative comments to make people feel worse. You are NOT supposed to randomly insult people but if you see some cunt walk by yelling, you need to say something to her. It better be witty and make her feel dumb.
Lastly, you need to be physically fit and be good at killing people (martial arts + weapons (guns, mace spray, tasers, not fucking swords)). Why? Because it makes you less of a pussy and allows you more freedom.
You should accomplish the last part by the age of 25 if you are entering college (18-19).