Simple Steps to Great Anime Hair

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1) Be part-Asian, or at least of an ethnicity that inclines you to having hair that is thick, straight, and doesn't like to move once it's set.
1a) Clarifying the meaning of 'part', this would mean at least 1/4 Asian. Anything less than this, and you can forget about it: You were born a generation too late and should proceed to blame your parents for not marrying into more diversity.
1b) If you are not of Asian descent but have similar hair, you are at a decided disadvantage because even if you go through with the steps and get the hair right, pulling off the entire anime look is going to be much more tough. This is not racial. It is fact.

2) Don't cut your hair for at least three months.

3) I know you're probably guessing "lots of gel." This is only partially true. Your 'gel' has to be so sticky that it is categorized as a borderline adhesive, and can be found in both the Home Repair and Hair Products Departments of the store.

4) The gel needs to have sat overnight, meaning you applied it after you took a shower yesterday morning.

5) Instead of taking your normal morning shower, go and play a sport that requires a lot of running:
5a) preferably soccer;
5b) preferably for at least an hour and a half;
5c) preferably in 90% humidity so that you are drenched with sweat.

6) Be occupied with running errands after playing the sport from (5) that you can't take a shower immediately after.