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Okay /a/, serious time.
I woke up this morning and found Kodomo no Jikan ep5 subbed by those Loli-Wolf fags. I checked their site and apparently they won't be releasing any more. SSS is dead, and I won't put my trust in the so-called revived Genjo to do this, so no subs. So I thought what I'd do, I'd put out subbed versions based on the SSS translations, only problem is beyond ep4 I only have their TV version subs missing all the DVD only parts. So basically I'm putting this here to see if people are interested and if their are any anons who have moonspeak skills and willing to help with the translation of uncensored parts. I know I'm just some fag /a/ saying he wants to do this, but I really want to see this series done before season 2. I also have nearly six years encoding experience doing my own rips from R1 DVDs, so I do know what I'm doing. So yeah, your feelings /a/?