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I'm aware that you don't like me or my story, but that's to be expected considering the general lack of taste that pervades these "boards," as you call them. By the time I was 30, I had conquered most of the known world, founded dozens of cities, and toppled a mighty empire - all while never losing a single battle. Most of you will be lucky to have abandoned the cellars of your mother by that age.

Let me ask you, how often do you see shows that capably adapt the events of the ancient past all while incorporating the major religious, philosophical, and scientific notions of the time? Did you know that Aristotle really was my tutor, Hephaestion my best friend, Olympias a cult follower and oracle, Bucephalus a demon-possessed horse, and that every other major character and event is based on actual fact? My story dared to address history and all the machinations surrounding my incredible and unparalleled life, all with visual flair, dramatic pathos, and a robust cast of compelling characters. I pity your philistine mentality for preferring the infantile exploits of mere children to such epoch defining figures as myself. But that's to be expected.

tl:dr what's wrong, too DEEP for you?