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You know what could actually SAVE BLEACH?
A Rukia Arc, thats it.

No more namek, no more insane powerlevel bullshit, and for fuck's sake no more tons of new filler characters that nobody gives a fuck about (like Ganju, most lietenaunts and CAPTAIN YAFF).

Rukia's Arc should focus on Rukia, Tatsuki, Orihime (the old one) and Chad, and other characters from the first season that actually were nice to see. Ichigo should stop being a Stu and spewing cheesy monologes about powerlevels and acting less like a moralfag and more like a character with personality, fear, hate, love, that commits mistakes more often and that sometimes can be evil, even pervert.

And no more captains and filler villians, next time they fight they should fight the real deal once and for all instead of going mindlessly fighting "OMG NINJAS STOLE MAH LOLI" then realizing Aizen won again.
Make some characters DIE, yes DIE. Bleach is supposed to be abuot death gods so people should die more often.