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Konnichiwa, /a/.

Over the last three days, I have taken it upon myself to watch all the episodes of Rozen Maiden (while blaming Zone's recent work for putting the thought in my head, and trying to hide it from the people I live with). But the thing is, even when I get away from the computer I'm using to watch the show, I can't seem to get away from the show itself.

Specifically, it's Suiseiseki. I close my eyes, there she is, her red and green eyes staring at me through my closed eyelids. I turn off the lights, I see her. Not just as a though though, but almost at the level of her being "real", or as a hallucination. All night, as I sleep, she haunts my dreams. All day, even in the bright light with my eyes open, I can't stop thiking of her. I go to Paheal, looking for some porn of childhood icons and favorite video game characters, and though the logical part of my brain wants to search for fictional girls that I've liked before, I keep looking at Suiseiseki.

I ask you, /a/, is it wrong to become so attached to a fictional doll? And if it is, how can I fix it, and return to "normal"? Certainly I like Suiseiseki, but to have her appear wherever I look? I can't eat, drink, sleep, or look out my window without seeing her, and it's interfering with my life. In b4 an hero, weeaboo, tl;dr, etc. I should know better than to ask for help here... But I don't know where else I can turn. I don't want people knowing that I watch that sort of show, it would ruin my reputation IRL, so the only place I can turn is a forum where one can post anonymously, that nobody ever knows it's me.