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Alright faggots listen up,
Kittan is the strongest human in Gurren-Lagann, and could defeat Lord Genome in his Lazengann at 100%

*Constantly training in HARSH conditions (in the desert)
*Always perfecting his skills.
*Has been training to fight Gunmen his entire life.
*Battled with and beat countless Gunmen in the desert, used his bombs to fight all of them. (Which means he didnt even need to use Spiral Energy or his King Kittan, so that means even without any power hes strong enough to take on Ganmen.)
*Kissed Yoko though he knew he would die afterwards.
*ABLE TO STOP A MUGANN WITH JUST A SHOTGUN (the Mugann even was shocked that he was such a powerful human)
*MORE SPIRAL POWER than Kamina. (able to preform his own Giga Drill Breaker)
*Killed hundreds of Mugann with his King Kittan.(Probably even would have killed more if it wasnt for Rossiu mainly.)
*Neck and neck with Gurren-Lagann in his base form. (Fighting as good as him before Gurren-Lagann turns into Arc form.)
*Longer list of useful techniques. IE fusion with other Gunmen, Giga Drill Breaker and is speculated that Kittan knows the Lagann Impacto attack.
*A true man of honor who will ALWAYS fight to the bitter end.
*His spiral power was AS HIGH AS SIMONS in the Death Spiral Machine arc.
*And yes, Kittans's spiral power level IS OVER NINE THOUSAND, shut up.

Just because Kamina is GAR in the beginning and has a larger role than Kittan, doesn't mean that he's stronger.

Kittan > Viral >>>> Kamina

Deal with it faggots, that's how it is.