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So, I just watched Gurren-Lagann and...

Holy shit /a/. This has to be the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen. I wasted over ten hours for it and how I regret it.

The art looked like a bad drawn manga, just colored by some fanboys. The whole story was like Dragonball Z. "LOL WE KILL OURSELVES TO RESCUE THE WORLD" - just like in the fight with Vegeta and Nappa, only without OVER 9000, instead they gave me some fucking spiral power.

SPIRAL POWER. LOL WUT?! MY ASS. Most retarded type of energy ever. And this whole "PIERCE THE HEAVEN WITH YOUR DRILL" thing was just gay. I want SWORDS and stuff, things REAL men like Kamina (only good character in the show, still just average and would sure have been ruined if he wasn't killed so early) use.

I so fucking hope everyone who was involved producing this piece of shit got fired afterwards. Especially for episode 4 (WTF?!).