On old games, School days, harems, and nerd rage

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Most of you may not know if this. A long time ago, there was a game named Doukyuusei, or as usually called "Nanpa". The point of this game was to get a girlfriend before the summer vacation was over (Spanning around 3 or 2 weeks, I believe).

There was over a dozen girls to choose from, each with rather interesting plots and personalities. They were what one would call early moe: You fell in love with the girls because of their personalities, not because of some specific fetish. But I digress.

You, the main character, could chase as many of these girls as possible, and in the end, choose only one, despite any romantic development you may have had with the other girls. While some didn't give a damn about this, most people complained that this was a horrible thing to do, and that there should have been repercussions from toying with the girls' hearts.

And thus began years of trolling and flame wars the like the internet has not seen ever again.

TL;DR : Makoto is a faggot

In case you are curious, the name for this overseas is "End of Summer". A rather nice OVAs.