The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk

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Hola /a/migos,

Recently I've picked up watching "The Aegis of Uruk". First impressions are essentially "WTF" as the first episode is, to be said in a single word, Schizophrenic. The first episode served fairly well to tell the basic story, but did not set the tone until the last few minutes when the entire episode was revealed to be a dream the main character "Jil" had after being knocked out by minotaurs. After such event, the rest of the episode scrambles to set the actual tone, but falls short leaving viewers with a cliffhanger.

Being an integral person, I decided to download the second episode and watch it. Second impressions were fairly good. It's kinda hard to ignore the bizarre and often misinformed Mesopotamian mythological references. (ex. King Gilgamesh killing Druaga, which didn't happen in the ancient epic.) The second episode quickly shrugs off the bizarre events of the first episode, but I was still pretty confused. I started watching this with low expectations, but if theres one thing this anime has it's sheer atmosphere, late in the second episode, Jil is sneaking around a palace to foil an assassination plot. There is no background music, and you only hear the ambient pitter patter of his footsteps. The sudden change in quality of this anime was astounding.

Despite the confusingly mediocre first episode, Aegis of Uruk is not a bad anime, all things considered.

If anyone else has watched it: ITT The Aegis of Uruk discussion.