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A masked figure appears from around a blind corner to Alice. She spins, forming her arm into a war hammer and clobbers her foe, striking him in the right temple and folding him permanently. A second attacker, also shrouded in black clothing, lunges from a hanging posture in the rafters legs arched and locked in a deadly kick formation. Alice slides a few inches to the side just out of reach of the kick and slams a devastating chop knocking the assaliant to the ground. A quick snap of her foot breaks his neck leaving one less person after her.

Without warning, the click of a handgun echoed in her ears. It was coming from behind her. She pivots to face her attacker. The man has a 45 cal twitching nervously at her forehead. She tries to speak in an attempt to disable him but before that can ever happend he launches with an opening round. The fire and black smoke exiting the camber of his gun looks somewhat like a battleship cannon firing.