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Kami No Shizuku – or The Drops Of God – has been wildly popular with manga fans since its creation in 2004, and is considered a bible for ordinary wine-lovers scared by stuffy wine magazines.

Sales have topped a million copies in South Korea alone, with sales of wine shooting up by 30 per cent in response.

The ten-volume series sees two brothers given the challenge of locating 12 legendary wines when their father, a wine critic, dies suddenly.

Whichever son succeeds in the challenge inherits their father's £9 million wine cellar. (The exact contents of the cellar are not revealed in the first series, but the chances are that Cliff Richard's Vida Nova missed the cut...)

Printed mostly in black and white and drawn to look like an ancient Japanese woodblock print, the secret of its success lies in the brilliant, sensual – and ever more outrageous – wine descriptions. 'Just like a classic rock concert!' says one brother after taking a sip of a 2001 Mont-Pérat.

'Like walking in a quiet forest being followed by two butterflies,' exclaims the other brother.