Fate Stay night

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Hey /a/
I am not, and i don't pretend to be a true veteran of Anime. by the same token I've seen a fair bit, enough to know what I'm talking about. In many ways FSN was one of the best anime I've ever seen, but at the end I found myself both angry and relieved, almost the way i felt after rozen maiden. They chose a good spot to finish, they didn't push too far and destroy the integrity of the show. I appreciate that.

The thing is, i finished that show and all i could think about was that, after all of that, what they went through together, how they grew together, I thought they deserved a happily ever after ending. I mean, they EARNED it. It's left me feeling kinda bummed out. It gives me that sad ponderous feeling like Tolkien did when he concluded the lord of the rings. when he put forth the question of how does one live a quiet normal life after all of that? In the same way I ask how could he ever be happy, truly live life, truly love after something like that.

Also, i feel like rewatching something close at hand, chobits, fruits basket, dears, welcome to the NHK, rozen maiden, rosario to vampire, zero no tsukaima, my hime, bubblegum crisis, berserk or gundam wing?