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Inuyasha v56 ch557 (Aitai)

犬夜叉 第557話 「会いたい」

Note from Patches: The title could translate as “I want to see you” or “I miss you”. Both seem kind of wordy given the one-word title, so I’ll hold off on an actual translation for now.

Inuyasha: “Don’t wish for anything! Not until I get there! Wait until I’m by your side! Can you hear me, Kagome?!”

Kagome can hear Inuyasha’s voice even though she can’t see him.

The youkai speak to Inuyasha.

youkai: “Foolish hanyou. Because Kagome heard your voice… she holds onto futile hope. And… she will wish because of that, won’t she? She will wish to see you, Inuyasha.”
Inuyasha: “Kagome!”
youkai: “She can’t hear your voice anymore.”

Kagome: ‘Inuyasha has always come for me. I’m not scared anymore.’

Inuyasha searches frantically for Kagome.

The jewel questions Kagome.

jewel: “Do you wish to see Inuyasha? Answer, Kagome. Do you wish to see him?”

Kagome: “I’m… not going to wish for anything. Inuyasha will come… I believe in him.”

Then Inuyasha sees a small point of light in front of him and slashes at it with Meidou Tessaiga, and he appears before Kagome. Inuyasha and Kagome embrace.

Kagome: “Shikon no Tama… I’m making my wish. Shikon no Tama! Disappear! Forever…”

The Shikon no Tama shatters.

Next time, the final chapter