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Is there something wrong with me?

I'd like to say that I enjoy anime, but the reality is that there are very few animes out there that I can stand. I definately can't get into a lot of the animes that are popular these days. Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, whatever they're pumping out in truckloads. I really do try to give these shows a chance too, I try to sit through episode after episode but I can't stop the grimmaces and eye rolling over just how terrible and groan enducing they are. I mean I used to watch a lot of shows, but I guess they were different. I liked mainstream shows too, at least is it fair to say shows like Cowboy Bebop was mainstream?

Nowadays I find myself watching either very short anime shows with less than 30 episodes, and they tend to be very serious and usually have a lot of political drama. That's not to say that I don't enjoy offball shows like Azumanga Daioh, I just can't watch the shows that try to blend the two.

I also tend to watch a lot of movies as opposed to shows, I guess movies don't have as great of a chance of just dragging on like some shows, not as much chance for filler. I really like films from Production I.G., Gainax, and directors like Oshii, Kon, Karajiri, etc.

I mean I do have a library so I think I'm an avid watcher, just seems most of my stuff is old, very little excites me much these days.

Is there something wrong with me? I don't consider myself a weeaboo, in fact I think that the very mentality is what turns me off to most stuff produced today. I don't see as much of the effort or time taken into the writting or even just concept of anime as there used to be. So is it me or is the quality of anime dropping as the years drag on?