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-Odysseus is marrying China loli hime
-Xing-ke X Loli Hime
-First Princess Quinevere and Fifth Princess Karine are evil whores. Karine is the anti Nunnaly and despises her.
-QUinevere and Odysseus are plotting together,
-Knights of the Round have names now. 1=Bismarck, 10(?)=Luciano, 12=Monica
-EPisode 12 is another Milly festival, a cupid festiva at Ashford with fanservice up the ass, including the "Dazzling club", seen in the pics, ass pant hats, and apparently Lulu X Shirley shipping. This and much more to come, along with the return of orange at Ashford as this season's Mao and a Geass hunter.
-Young Marianne, looks exactly like Anya, and outranked Charles, who was only a Knight.