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Okay, /v/. Judgment time.

Megaman 2 sucked. There, I said it. The second entry in the Megaman franchise, despite the admittably awesome music, was simply the weakest entry - yes, this includes Megaman 8. For starters, the game is piss easy. Out of all the classic Megaman games, this is the only one with two difficulty settings. And for a good reason, even Capcom knew how fucking easy it was. Megaman 1 for the NES made me grow a pair when I was a kid. Megaman 2, however, was laughably fucking easy compared to 1. And though true, I did get practice with the series with 1, 2 still was just an incredibly easy game. When I picked up Megaman 3, it was clear that it was already harder than Megaman 2. Not only that, but the level design and graphics were just leaps and bounds above what Megaman 2 had accomplished.

Next, the robot masters. Holy shit, are the designs stupid. Wood Man? Metal Man? The only design I liked was Heatman, and maybe a few of the Wily Stage bosses, which is sad becuase when a wily stage boss is better than the actual robot master, you know something's wrong. To add to shitty robot master designs, they're also piss-easy. The patterns are predictable, and the only ones I had trouble with were Wood Man and Air Man, simply because they used a different form of attacking.

Megaman 2 was fun, don't get me wrong, but it definitely was not the best Megaman game. You want Megaman? You best pick up Megaman 1, 3, or Megaman & Bass. Those are where the series shines.

This is coming from a fucking devout Megaman fan.