These anime suck

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GTO - Shit show with a lame main character.
Gurren Lagann - Went downhill after Kamina death, eventually became just a contest of hax abilities.
Suzumiya - Story with absolutely no plot at all, Suzumiya is anannoying character, and kyon is just retarded. Only Mikuru was good.
Lucky Star - I can't believe this shit got made one of the worst anime ever conceived, and ridiculous viral marketing.
Baccano - Can somebody say too many characters? Nonsensical plot and ridiculous storytelling element. Tried to snatch and failed hard.
Code Geass - Sunrise suck, can't believe this shit got 2 seasons, who the hell is even watching this. Stupidest anime of recent years.
Death Note - pointless cat and mouse anime, on the plus side a hilarious ending.
Fate/Stay night - My god shoot me now, why the hell was this made, the most annoying main character ever.
All Shonen Jump anime - Too long and all shit

Now you know better and to avoid all these series, seriously I don't want to see these talked about on /a/ ever again.