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Thats not mion.

Technically it IS Mion. The anime Shion and Mion were switched at birth. So even though this pic is of Shion pretending to be Mion. It is actually Mion pretending to be Shion pretending to be Mion.

Get it right, OK?!?

Exactly, Shmion.

Neither knows who the fuck they actually are. Atleast that's what I got out of it.

It's probably not all that hard to tell which twin it is at x point in time, but /a/ has me so confused on the issue that it's easier just to call them both Shmion and be done with it.

you surely just read the manga and didn't play the game. Mion was killed when shes 9 years old, and shion replace her, shion in the school is the impostors provided by sonozaki family, which mean it is actually Shion pretending to be Mion pretending to be..... shit this is hard

This is why they're both Shmion Sonozaki

Shion and mion replaced when they was baby, so mion played the role of shion, but then mion dies, which is actually shion, then mion played her role again, and during that higurashi episode, mion imitating herself while saying he is shion, but actually shion

sumtin liek tat ?