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Kawazoe is "Ore no Yome!" (my wife). Yes, "Ore no Yome" is a word that explains the best of the best love for your favorite character. It's an expression of love- you love the character as much as you want to marry her. But there is no meaning of controlling her or not to let anybody touch her.
The difference between the real marriage and marrying a character is being able to marry as many girls as you want. Sometimes, people use the word "Ore no Yome" in order to compete each other who loves the character most by saying "my love for her is deeper than yours!"
Occasionally, the word is used for owners of doujinshi or Niko Niko Doga, but for those situations, "Ore no Yome" means "respect" or "worship" for the owners.
As we know, Akiba continues to create new Akihabaran Slang, and a new word, "Yome eno Omiyage (souvenir for my wife)" was born. This word is used for buying a good of your favorite character.