Japanese Comics not character driven...?

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I was lurking co/ when i read this...

>>A [Western] comic can deal more with legacies, recurring themes and the history of a universe more when it has continuity and multiple characters. Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American Way, sure. But without other heroes or past stories to compare him to, his effect would be drastically lessened.

That and while manga tends to be more story-driven, comics are VERY much driven by the characters. It's why a single title can stand on its own for sixty years, despite having finished most of its stories. The character presented within still means something to the reader, and they find something meaningful in the characters' life; something you can't get with just one story.

Is this true? The reason why some Western Comics/characters live forever is b/c the COMPANY owns these characters, kind of like how GAINAX owns Evanegelion. Gainax and DC can make a million comics and/or anime about their characters b/c they own them.

The reason Naruto may not exist forever is totally due to the artist's decision no? If Kishimoto says, no more Naruto then that's it, because Kishimoto owns his characters no? They are his, not his publishers.

I believe that this maybe one of the most significant differences in American/Japanese comics.