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There's the scan of the Limited Edition guide.
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As a request. could someone who has an account on GameFAQs and NeoGAF copypaste this on their boards?

Paramedic, Sigint, Zero, Ocelot, EVA, and Big Boss formed the Patriots. They were all inspired by The Boss' sacrifice and ideals.
Big Boss grew disillusioned with the direction the Patriots (under Zero's leadership) were taking, so he steadily distanced himself
Zero counters this by authorizing Les Enfants Terribles, with Paramedic heading the project and EVA as the surrogate mother.
Big Boss finds out, and cuts himself off entirely from the Patriots. He is defeated twice by Solid Snake. Following his second defeat, his body is recovered and put into an indefinite coma for study. His unique biometrics would lend to the creation of the SSS, which would lead into the SOP System.
EVA and Ocelot, also disillusioned with the group, endeavor to take down the Patriots from within.
Paramedic is killed by Gray Fox. She was the doctor in charge of the project to revive and transform him.
Sigint (DARPA Chief Donald Anderson) was killed by Ocelot.
Zero becomes increasingly senile and decrepit. He decides that instead of recruiting more members into the Patriots, he will have AI control the functions.
By 2014, the Patriots is completely automated, AI controlled. Zero is only physically alive, his mind long since gone away.
Ocelot has steadily shifted Solid Snake away from the control of the Patriots. He intends to use Snake to destroy the Patriots once and for all.