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Just got back from my Girlfriend's house, and a couple of her brother's friends were over. Now one of them is a Huge Shaman king fan and a good friend of mine and we got into a discussion of what's Better/Cooler "Stands" (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) or "Oversouls" (Shaman King) The argument went something like this;

Me: Stands have better Powers/Abilities, and are much better designed. (I give examples of some in comparison to something like Yoh's oversoul aka "Lol Bigger Sword)

Him: Lol Oversouls look cooler and stands look like genies.

Me: Raged and left.

So tell me /a/ am I in the wrong here, are Shaman King "Oversouls" just better than JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's "stands"?