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Parallels between Gurren-Lagann and Evangelion/End of Evangelion:

Evangelion: “The only truth is the truth in your heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, it’s something you chose yourself.”
Gurren-Lagann: “For only that one path that you've chosen yourself is the truth of your universe.”

Evangelion: “Evangelion… monsters created from the same monsters destined to destroy us… we humans will do everything so long we survive.”
Gurren-Lagann: “The famous Spiral Knight of the Milky Way is now but a bio-computer? It seems like those spirals will use whatever they can to survive.”

Evangelion: “We humans have the power of evolution, a power created by only the will to survive.”
Gurren-Lagann: “Spiral Creatures’ greatest threat to us is their incredibly strong survival instinct; that is the basis of Spiral Power.”