Ichigo is completely blind when he runs at fast speeds

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I'm not usually one to question things in shounen anime, but damn. wtf?

Here is how I interpreted this. Ichigo was running so fast that it seemed like he was teleporting, fair enough. But when he stopped on top of the gate and in front of Lurichiyo, it seemed like he didn't know where he was, like as if he was completely blind while he was moving. He was moving so fast that his eyes/mind couldn't process all that was going on.

This doesn't make sense to me. In battle, when Ichigo and an opponent are moving fast at that "look like they're teleporting" speed, Ichigo can grasp everything that is going on. Enough so to parry lightning fast sword slashes at that speed.

Don't you think that Ichigo would've been able to see Lurichiyo as he was running in? In which case, if he saw her, he wouldn't be kneeled down clueless like he is in the snapshot.