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The night air was warm enough tonight. In their new crow’s nest was surrounded by walls, and has a very sturdy domed roof. The Musician sat down on the soft sofa, playing his violin, sing along with the little Doctor.

“On a night like this, I think about my nakama from a long time ago

On a night like this, my heart admits that I miss them so

But I’m aware, that I don’t have a heart already

I guess this really happened in my dreams only

Because only in the night like this, I truly feel like my senses are still five

Because only in the night like this, my skull feels warm like I was still alive

Because only in the night like this…”

He stopped singing. The little Doctor stared at him with star-filled eyes.

“Wow! That was good, Brook! I didn’t know you could sing like that. Did you just arrange all of that? Franky used to sing songs that he arranged by himself, but they’re always full of words that I don’t understand…” Chopper said in a tone that indicated he’d already found his new hero, next to the Sharpshooter.

“Thank you, my dear little fellow, that’s very kind of you.” Brook smiled his best smile towards the little kid.

Chopper was silent. His face suddenly went dark.

“What’s going on, my little friend?” Brook asked. Worried over the sudden change in the Doctor’s behavior.