Gurren Lagann...Japan DVD ISOs w/ English subs torrent

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I know many Anon already have the DVD version episodes of Gurren, and some probably even have these ISOs, but I just started watching this version of GL and it is for those that don't have it:

Below is a link to a torrent on a site called "Asian DVD Club". Basically, it is 9 ISOs, one for each DVD of GL that came out on in Japan. The person who uploaded this worked with others to create a combo of Anon's, BO's, & KAA's subs, which they modified to fit with the DVD versions of the episodes. They then modified the ISOs of the DVDs to include these subs. Meaning:

-Untouched, DVD qaulity video
-Best qaulity subs you can get
-Untouched, DVD qaulity surround sound audio
-All menus, extras, ect intact
-Entire series subbed and ISO'ed

There are 9 vols, since that is how many came out in Japan.

Though some may have seen this torrent already, I felt I had to let those who hadn't know about it. I just watched the first disk on my big TV in the basement w/ my surround sound system and SHIT, the sound, video, and even sub qaulity is unparalleled to any other release of the series. The site also has a lot of other DVD versions of various animes as well. Best part is you don't have to wait, or pay for actual DVDs. I myself haven't in years, but was going to with GL, and now I don't have to. *Note, the site IS a reg site, but it is free registration, and as far as I can tell doesn't have any gay point system or whatnot, so meh.

Enjoy Anon