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Tochi Ueyama's Cooking Papa food manga, Aruko's Yasuko to Kenji (Yasuko and Kenij) shōjo romantic comedy, Chiaki Hjiri's Seigi no Mikata (Ally of Justice) shōjo comedy, and Yasuhito Yamamoto's Dageki Tenshi Ruri (Punching Angel Ruri) fighting manga will all be adapted into live-action television drama series this summer. According to the 27th issue of Kodansha's Morning magazine which went on sale on June 5, Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (Mind Game) will play Cooking Papa's title character of Katsumi Araiwa, a salaryman (male company worker) who happens to enjoy cooking more than his wife does. Yasuko Tomita (Last Quarter, My Neighbors the Yamadas) will play Araiwa's wife Nijiko in the drama which will premiere in Japan on August 29. The manga has been running in Morning magazine since 1986, and 97 volumes have been compiled so far. (The 1,000th magazine installment ran in January.) The manga has already been adapted into a 1992-1995 anime series by Eiken.