Gainax End It

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Rewrite the end of a series or movie to be a Gainax End.

Example 1: Lucky Star

In the last episodes, Konata is kidnapped by a deranged otaku she met on the Internet. She is abused horribly and slowly starves to death in captivity while escaping mentally by remembering her happy times with Kagami, Tsukasa and the rest. The final scene shows a grown Kagami sadly wondering whatever happened to her friend while staring at a picture of the four of them.

Example 2: School Rumble. It is revealed that the reason Karasuma acted so odd and distant is that he had an incurable disease that would destroy his cognitive faculties. Harima gives up his love for Tenma in order to send her to America, where she gives up her future so that she can care for the now almost vegetative Karasuma and try to become a doctor in order to someday cure him.

Oh wait... that one actually happened.