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So after enduring much of /a/'s bitching, I finally buckled down and watched Gurren Lagann. It honestly wasn't all that bad. Sure, almost every character was one-dimensional, the soundtrack was unorthodox, and the show got downright ridiculous at the end (robots throwing GALAXIES at each other HOLY SHIT), but these things are what made the show so awesome!
I walked into the series expecting to see giant robots beating each other up, and that's what I got. I didn't want a heavy-handed plot, or complex four-dimensional characters. I wanted ACTION.

The main complaints (namely, too much Nia and not enough realism) don't hold up. Nia wasn't a huge part of the show, and she even managed to get Simon to stop being emo. And of course the show isn't realistic - it's a show where the robots are powered by FIGHTING SPIRIT dammit, who cares why they can't go underwater but can fight in space?

So, yeah. I'm now a GL-fag. I can understand those of you who hate it because of the constant shitstorms about it, but the series on its own was FUN TO WATCH. Isn't that really all that matters?