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Shazam! To survey, a silent spectre, strolls swiftly into sight. This shawl, no mere smokescreen, is a suggestion of the society's screams, now silenced, suppressed. However this self-sacrificing stopover of a bygone strife stands sternly and has sworn to slay these shady and spiteful scumbags shielding sin and sanctioning the sadistically savage and starving separation of selection. The only solution is to settle the score; a squabble held as supplication, not squandered, for the significance and scrupulousness of such shall one day substantiate the stalwart and the superior. Surely this stew of sentences swerves most superfluously, so let me simply add that it is my sincere honor to meet you and you may call me "Sasuke".

that's right heaping helping of newfag summer