so I heard you like Lucky Star

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Live has been hard for Konata ever since the day she was outed as the SM-slave of her lesbian homeroom teacher.

Expelled from School, driven away from home and with no place to go, she had to spend long, hard weeks sleeping in cardboard boxes and giving blowjobs to smelly, unwashed hobos in exchange for a little bit of food. Most of the times though, those horny men considered the semen to be enough food for the little slut, and so she had to spend quite a few nights hungry and lonely in her cold, cold cardboard boxes.

Some other nights though, a drunk Meito Anisawa would come to visit her. And by that I mean rape and beat the shit out of her because he held Konata responsible for his bankruptcy (his shop went out of business, when Konata's lifestyle changed from hardcore otaku to homeless bitch).
He would force himself upon her, quickly rendering the little restistance she offered futile and almost choking her with his smelly hot sake-breath. Then, Meito usually ram his hard rod in to her pooper and the empty liquor-bottle into her vag000. He would then leave the shivering girl in the morning, shivering, beaten black and blue and drenched in his filthy seed.

Long grueling months later, Konata stumbled upon a chance to leave the filthy cardboard village of the slums and, more importantly, the constant rape, when she came across her former homeroom teacher and mistress, Nanako.
Kuroi-sensei had lost her job when the affair with Konata was revealed, hoever she always had a backup plan for that kind of situation and became a full-time dominatrix in the most decadent night-club of Kasukabe City.
Remembering the lustful time they had spent together, she, offered Konata a job at the brothel, I mean nightclub and a corner in her apartment for her to sleep, as Mistress Nanako's personal pet, which she accepted right away.