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How to make Shonen

1. Create a striking(loud and obnoxious) and original(generic) male lead

2.Capture the audience with a great premise and opening (make only the first few episodes good)

3.Introduce characters extra characters and the "bad-guys" (make sure they are way better than the main character(s)) and make them integral to the story(kill them off or forget them entirely)

4. Build up to a test for the main characters growth (TOURNAMENT ARC)

5. Follow up with a epic (long and uninteresting) arc (Still on Namek?)

6.Leave a cliff hanger to make for dramatic tension for next season (Time Skip)

7. Extend the series in a way that adds depth to the characters and world (Fillers)

8.Finish off with epic(spend the 99% of the budget) battle that leaves fans satisfied ("Well that was a waste of time")