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Good morning, /a/. I'm off to work in a few minutes, and I just thought of something. Here's what I'm thinking.

I believe it should be allowed to post nsfw images on /a/--and any other sfw board on 4chan--as long as we hide them under a spoiler image tag, and mark it as "NSFW." Anyone at work will see the "NSFW" reply and will simply look the other way, or risk opening, whatever. But it should be alright as long as we hide it and warn people, right?

I see some people saying, "Why don't you just post the image on /e/, /h/, /d/, etc, and then link it to /a/?" Well, the problem with that is, posting one image just for the sake of linking it to /a/ sort of spams that board. But when you think about it, linking people to a NSFW image on a different board is basically the same as just hiding it and warning people.

Although, one might say, "But that's not what spoiler image tags were designed for!" Well, how many of you can say you actually use the spoiler tags for real? They're only being abused anyway for stupid things like OH HO YOU JUST LOST THE GAME, etc. But wouldn't it just be better to design a new tag for images? Instead of it saying SPOILER, it can say NSFW, with a different color so people don't confuse it for a spoiler tag. Of course, people will abuse that, too, but people will abuse anything.

Anyway, that's just my two cents. Off to work I go. Have a nice day, Anonymous.