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Okay, in the beginning I was totally enthralled by Death Note, just like everyone on /a/.

Great characters, great concept, interesting story, and immaculate execution.

And then it jumps 6 years into the future the future and I’m all like “cool, Light’s chilling and everything’s cool”.
But then I started to get this strange feeling, like something was horribly wrong. All the pleasure from watching the show slowly seeped away, and I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

And then I realized it.

It’s like 2013 or something and nobody, I mean NOBODY in the whole fucking show has a fucking jetpack! What the fuck?!?

If there are no widely available jetpacks in the next five years I really have nothing left to live for. I’m going to be an hero now /a/.
Fuck you Light Yagami. Where’s your fucking jetpack? FUCK YOU!