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What's some good violent anime WITHOUT any cutesy slice of life crap?
I've finished watching episode 1 of Higurashi and I still regret it. So they go on a picnic. Then they play card games. Plus some boring plot about crimes people are ignoring. Fuck this shit. I can't imagine ever liking this shit. Well....onto episode 2...
I love Hellsing, Vinland Saga, and Berserk, but nothing else I find is like that without being shonen-level violence or retarded plot/characters. I tried Eflen Lied, that was shit too. In fact, this Higurashi crap is kind of reminding me of it. Oh, and Black Lagoon was alright. Plot bored me, but otherwise it was pretty kick-ass.

That isn't to say this is the ONLY kind of anime I watch, so don't give me shit about that. Just in the mood for some intelligent but violent shit.