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/g/ thinks we like AVI more than MKV.

>4chan forums whose users make you rage at their inferior technical skills.

>I nominate /a/. It is like nobody knows how to put in an internal hard drive so they buy shitty expensive 4200rpm externals in order to have them die, and then they bitch about storage space. Some have claimed to have thrown P4s that could play HD 264 fine with an inexpensive video card simply throw out their computer and buy a Mac and then wonder why when they use VLC (the inferior user's first choice) the subtitles are all fucked up.

>All at the same time while some users bitch about the move to shitty AVI to superior H264 MKV. I use the internet to strike furious anger and rage into their souls. Why don't we still just use MPG2, faggots.