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I have no shame.

I make no pretensions of being a normal person. I don't have any "appearances" to keep up. I don't care if girls think I'm creepy, or disgusting.

My college dorm room is full of anime figures, even lolis in swimsuits and underwear. I sign along to UNDER17 eroge op's, and I don't care if people walking past my door hear. I read just-bought lolicon doujinshi on the subway while coming home from conventions. It's not like I go out of my way to show the world my moetaku underbelly...if I'm in public, I'm usually going to class or running a chore, and I focus on the task at hand.

But what do I have to lose? I have no shame. I have no pretensions. If people think I'm a creepy pervert, well...they're only thinking the truth. I'm not losing out on potential friendships or social status or anything, from being a "quiet, shameful coward" or a "uncaring moetaku." If I disgust them they're free to turn away their gaze.