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Hi 4chan! My name is Christopher! I just wanted to make some suggestions on how 4chan could be a better forum.

First of all, we need accounts! We could be making friends here, but there's no way to tell if your friend is posting or not! With such a big forum community, accounts would be nice! Then we could have avatars, too. ^_^

Second off, there should be a way for the forum to slooooow down! ^_^;; It's SO fast! You can barely find your own thread! I also think we should have stickied threads for each anime!

Lastly, we need to begin banning people posting the gross stuff so more people will want to come and chat about anime and stuff with us! We should also have more PG-13 friendly ads so parents will feel safer with their kids talking to other kids online!

Let me know what you think! ^_^