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Chizuru's Kaa-san is quite the Poke-Milf eh? Does it make me a furry to want to bang something that looks like she evolved from a Vulpix? What is the Japanese Significance of Foxes having Nine tails?

Also she says she's not Chizuru's real mom despite they are both fox dietys with black hair that turns blonde and big tits. I realize they "arr rook same" but there is a close family resemblance here.

On a seperate note it's sad the show has no real romantic monogamous plot cause this season could use a decent heterosexual romance. Closest we have is live action Absolute Boyfriend and the less said about that the better. It's like the bastard lovechild of Chobits and Smallville but I digress. Harem Animus are unarousing to me cause polygamy makes me think of Mormons who have homely women.