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I'll tell you what's my problem with this show. Every thime one of these "original and deep" (which

never include moe because they want to be original) come out, all the anti-moe fags rejoice of how much

they hate moe, how much they wish it will disappear, how much they think it shitsucks, and how much

they would like to see more "original" show.

Personally what attracts me in a show is the characters. I enjoy emotionally attach to them.
In the "deep" kind of show, what attracts people is the curiosity and the hope it will have some kind

of deep message. there is little attraction to the characters, at least not in the level I speak of


That is what I'm afraid of, that these shows will consider superior to the shows I'm enjoy of and will

take over them, and that special connection to the these characters, known as the feeling of moe, which

can only take place in this type of anime, will be gone.

Stupid, but this how I feel.